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Sat, 30 May 1998 21:17:45 -0700

Cori, I am not sure how transhumanism can impact this. Perhaps by being
a forum for thought.

A good part of the problem is the k-12 system. You might like to look
at Martin Haberman's article Unemployment Training in Phi Delta Kappan March
1997 which outlines how the school system is much of the problem.

Best Ralph

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><< Cori, obviously you don't teach undergraduates in California. 20% of my
> college juniors and seniors in a junior level class are academically
> at or below middle school level.
> That is todays norm!
> Best Wishes, Ralph Lewis >>
>Ralph, how much of this is the result of poor schools, how much the fault of
>unmotivated students?.. what other causes do you see for these results?.. any
>ideas on how a transhumanist type can help change this?..or is it too late?..
>i have a young daughter and frankly, if she gets the same sort of public
>education i did, she's going to rather hopelessly lost. on the other hand the
>cost of a private school or tutor is not something i'm at all certain i can
>afford. ( tho, i realise that maybe she can't afford for me not to afford
>it.:-) )
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