Paradox, It's Back!

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 30 May 1998 16:59:09 -0400

At 01:46 PM 5/30/98 -0400, Ian Goddard wrote:

> Some of Dan's counters I've not properly
> addressed by not clearly defining holism.
> Mapping the holistic structure of identity
> is deep, and a complex effort. The source
> of conflict is the mechanics of notion.
> When we say "A" we denote the inside of A.
> When we say "-A" we denote the outside of A.
> When we say "A + -A" we denote the union of
> the inside and the outside of A. The later
> expression of union is NOT equal to the two
> former expressions.

IAN: But here's the paradox creeping back:
If "A" = "to denote A" and if to denote A
is to denote -A by implication, then A = -A.

If the external area immediatley around this
letter A is equal to the internal area in the
formation of that letter, then the letter is
equally BOTH of those areas, and thus A = -A.
That masters the very "edge" of the paradox.

I think I talk to myself almost as much as
I talk to others here. Hay, I keep an eye on
me, it's tough job but someone's got to do it! %^)