Re: META: Extropians list to become two lists

den Otter (
Sat, 30 May 1998 09:56:02 +0200

> From: Max More <>

> The Extropians list will become two lists:
> Extropians-Open -- open to everyone, member
> and non-member, Extropian, non-Extropian, and anti-Extropian alike. All
> topics are open to discussion, including "the basics".
> Extropians-Select -- this will be for Extropy Institute members only.
> Rather than debating the basic values shared by Extropians, the purpose of
> this list will be to discuss ideas in depth, to post news items, and to
> discuss strategies for spreading extropians ideas and for implementing them
> in our own lives (life extension, intelligence increase, psychological
> improvement, etc.).

A very good solution indeed! That should stop the periodic whining of some
people about S/N... ;-)

Anyway, I think there's still one type of list missing: "transhumanism select":
an invitation only (or in any case restricted) list for hardcore transhumanists,
where all topics can be discussed without having to think about PR (you
could also call it ">H uncensored"). There have been some concerns
about the effect of certain topics on transhuman PR, and this would solve
the problem without compromising the quality of debate (censorship of
any kind, no matter how reasonable or well-meant, is a killer of critical
debate). The proposed list would also have a restricted (password etc.)
archive, of course.

(And yes, I know, the very proposal for such a list is bad PR, but you
can't eat your cake and have it too or something)...In the long run, it
would be better.