Re: Whatever Happend to Susan Sontag?
Fri, 29 May 1998 17:50:10 EDT

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>Sontag writes, in part, about culture and art. In the essay, "The
>Aesthetics of Silence," she questions the artists' metaphoric silence. If
>the artist chooses to be "silent," if he chooses to make art that is
>confusing to the audience, then she is actually silencing art by making it
>uncommunicative and unobtainable. If the artist creates a vocabulary that
>is so difficult for the audience to read or understand, then he is
>silencing art.

Wouldn't you say the artist is making ineffective art, rather than saying
the artist is silencing a reification?

Thanks for the recommendations on Paglia, BTW. I've enjoyed several of
her essays and was already considering taking some of her writings for a