ECON: IPR-- Plea for consensus

Dan Clemmensen (
Thu, 28 May 1998 22:28:52 -0400

Michael Lorrey and Daniel Fabulich

Gentlemen, you have been discussing IPR for some time now and
are beginning to refine the discussoin somewhat. However, you
still appear to be repating yourselves to some extent, and
perhaps spending a little bit of time on rhetoric instead
of discussion. Still, It's a good debate. At this point however,
I'd really appreciate it if you could develop a brief consensus
statement, describing what you agree on, what you disagree on,
and the relevance to the future in general and to extropy in

It appears that you agree that:
--the IPR issue is important
--It's appropriate to discuss this in terms of private law
(PPA's, PPL's, and contracts
--There are IP enforcement costs
--there are IP enforcement benefits

It appears that the crux if the disagreement is primarily in
terms of the costs and benefits.

There appears to be a secondary(?) disagreement on appropriate

Perhaps you should each list your ideas of the costs and the benefits,
First just name them, and then try to analyze them. I would be
able to follow the debate more easily if you started with an
agreed-upon list of disagreements before you continue the debate,
but I realize I'm asking for a lot.