Re: Bogus Barney

Dan Clemmensen (
Thu, 28 May 1998 07:42:37 -0400 wrote:
> (I might even find out what allometry is...helps to know the right words when
> asking questions doesn't it?)
I enjoyed your speculation, and it caused us to discuss some neat stuff.
recall our earlier posts on creativity. You probably have hundreds
of creative thoughts a day, nearly all of which are garbage. A few
get past the initial filter for further consideration, and most
of even these don't pan out.

Allometry is the study of ratios as applied to acaling of systems,
more or less. The major early work was "On Size and Life" I think.
You/ve probably seen at leat one reference to it, in Hienlien's
book "The Glory Road", he notes the disproportionate size
ot the legs of the giant rats, and reers to the "square-cubed law",
which is an important allometric result. (And an oversimplification.)