Re: greatness

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Wed, 27 May 1998 21:13:43 -0700

From: Thom Quinn <>

> Yes, the engineer behind this pyramid is the artist and visionary! IF
> there were 30 engineers, so what! The accomplishment, the feat, is the
> sign of there greatness.
> > The Great Pyramid is sometimes atributed to Khufu on the flimsiest of
> > evidence; there is considerable debate on this point.
> > Would Khufu still be great if he had nothing to do with it?
> > Is the fellow who actually built it (hypothetically) but never
> > recognized for his achievement great?

A smart and far-sighted architect is behind one of the ancient buildings (I don't
recall which one). The king ordered a monument in his own honor, so the
pretty white limestone facing had his image, his name, and his achevements all
over it. But we don't know any of that, now, because that limestone facing
eroded (or was stripped off for other uses) a long time ago. On the other hand,
we know all about the builder: *his* name, image, and achevements were
engraved in the hard structural rock underneath the limestone.

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