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Wed, 27 May 1998 22:34:30 EDT

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> sumption. This is my last post on the meta-subject
> of what Ev meant. Now let's talk about allometry.
> I just did an altavista search on "allometry" and got the following page:
> With the following title:
> Sauropods, Elephants, Weightlifters: Allometry
> This was a bit more specific than I was looking for!

NOW THIS is more like it...

I've scanned that paper...shot my line of conjecture down in flames by the
way...oh some loose some.

There is a GoldMine of information there by the the paper plus the
WebSite in which it is located...

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Love it...Thanks Dan

(I might even find out what allometry is...helps to know the right words when
asking questions doesn't it?)