Re: Holism Tested!

Steve Massey (
Wed, 27 May 1998 18:16:09 CDT

> IAN:
> thanks! But here's the holism:
> Change of piano location in room
> or rooms (C = change, 0 = no change):
> Shape Location
> -Piano: C 0
> Piano: 0 C
> Because the location of a thing is an
> identity attribute of it, the identity
> of the piano changes to the extent that
> its location changes; and, changing the
> L of P changes the S of -P, which maps
> the their holistic-identity structure.

Fair enough, but I suspect that most people would not include
the location of an object as part of its identity - they would
hold that the piano before and after movement was the same
piano; that the coin one picks up, and the coin one slips into
ones pocket are identical.

That you believe them to be different may account for the
difficulty many have in accepting your world view.


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