Holism Tested!

Ian Goddard (igoddard@netkonnect.net)
Wed, 27 May 1998 18:18:58 -0400

Was: Physics -> Anti-Holism... What?!!

At 12:56 PM 5/27/98 CDT, Steve Massey wrote:

>> IAN: Just show one example of atomism.
>How about this... I have a piano in one corner of a room. Not the
>piano is a particular shape - the room minus the piano. I move it
>to the other side of the room. The piano is still the same. Not
>the piano is a different shape. I move the piano into a different
>room - not the piano, with respect to the room, is again different.
>The piano is still the same. Yeah?

IAN: Alas, a skillful counter,
thanks! But here's the holism:

Change of piano location in room
or rooms (C = change, 0 = no change):

Shape Location
-Piano: C 0
Piano: 0 C

Because the location of a thing is an
identity attribute of it, the identity
of the piano changes to the extent that
its location changes; and, changing the
L of P changes the S of -P, which maps
the their holistic-identity structure.

So long as a change to A scores any
change to -A, we have mapped holism.
In fact, a change to A that did not
result in a change to -A would still
map holism!, since the "not-change"
is defined by the change. It seems
to me that holism can never fail,
and is thus an absolute truth.

Notice that the location of -P refers
only to the empty space as defined by
P and the walls. The location of the
room and its walls could be said to
change by moving the piano around.

>Or similarly, the numeral zero on the integer scale and the numeral
>zero on the rationals are both the same - the integers are a subset
>of the rationals after all. However, not zero in either case is

IAN: I don't see how this applies. We have
two things with one similar trait, 0. Each
thing is defined as a "different thing" by
relation to the other, and all members of
each thing are defined by their relations.

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