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Wed, 27 May 1998 16:54:24 EDT

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> I assumed that Ev is asking whether or not we actually know the
> microstructure of dinosaur bones.
I appreciate the kind words Dan. a manner of speaking I was. Several things prompted that line of
thought. What I mentioned regarding elephants (which I'm not positive is
true) well as an article I vaugely recall in popular science some time

It seems that a computer model was run on good ole T-Rex. The results implied
that T-Rex was more of a walker than a runner....primarily because if he got
to moving too fast...and would be fatal. Falling down would snap
his neck like a dry twig.

So it appears that T-Rex might have been more of a buzzard than anything

And I was wondering if any other similar interesting info was known?

And sure enough Micheal Lowery comes thru.

>>>The reason why dinosaurs that we know
popularly (most were actually quite small) are so big is that they developed
a time when all or most of the continents were part of the Pangea super
continent. Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between the
evolved sizes of animals and the size of the land mass which they inhabit.

So that explains it..."Range Size"...

Small countinents don't have enough grub for really BIG critters...