Re: Physics -- Anti-Holism... What?!!

Steve Massey (
Wed, 27 May 1998 12:56:43 CDT

> IAN: Hay, we're making progress! Now you
> need to show what in physics supports your
> claim that atomism helps make predictions.
> Can you name any physical attribute of any
> thing, A, such as weight, size, velocity,
> color, that is assigned to A free from
> not-A. Since your so sure that such
> non-holism exists, this should be
> as easy knocking off one liners.
> Just show one example of atomism.

How about this... I have a piano in one corner of a room. Not the
piano is a particular shape - the room minus the piano. I move it
to the other side of the room. The piano is still the same. Not
the piano is a different shape. I move the piano into a different
room - not the piano, with respect to the room, is again different.
The piano is still the same. Yeah?

Or similarly, the numeral zero on the integer scale and the numeral
zero on the rationals are both the same - the integers are a subset
of the rationals after all. However, not zero in either case is


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