Re: Bogus Barney

Harvey Newstrom (
Tue, 26 May 1998 19:55:37 -0400

EvMick wrote:
> It's not "leading" anywhere.

So far, so good...

> I'm just wondering about the supposed gigantic size of prehistoric critters.

Oops! Why "supposed" gigantic size? You keep saying that you're not
leading this thread anywhere, but then you also keep slipping in clues
that you really don't believe in dinosaurs. You seem to already have
decided that dinosaurs never really existed.

- "Bogus" Barney
- Dinosaur "Hypothosis"
- Dinosaur "Theory"
- fossils aren't bones
- "Is T-Rex possible...?"
- "If not...then what are fossils?"
- etc.

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