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Tue, 26 May 1998 09:36:57 EDT

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> Are elephants really near the physical limits?

I dunno...I've heard the things I mentioned. If they are in fact true
wouldn't that point to physical llimites?

Remember that the
> limits of size of an animal also depends a lot on its geometry; a
> two-legged creature cannot get as big as a four-legged one, and the
> way the bones connect play a great role in the strength of the
> structure.

Granted...then takeT-Rex into account...two legged. As well as others.
> (BTW, it is hard to call dinosaurs a hypothesis, since we do indeed
> have their sizeable bones)

One minor quibble. I think we have fossils of bones. Not the same thing. As
far as composition is concerned. I don't think