Bogus Barney

EvMick (
Mon, 25 May 1998 23:18:51 EDT

Something has been bothering me for some time...perhaps there are list members
who are more versed in the approriate areas of knowledge and can help me out.

It concerns dinosaurs.

To the best of my knowledge the elephant is today's largest land animal.
Supposedly ther were much larger critters in the past. However...what
concerns me is the strength to weight ratio.

I've been lead to beleive that due to it's size an elelphant is different from
all other land animals is some regards...for instance. It cannot run. I can
walk...REALLY fast...but it isn't the same as a gallop of other four legged
critters. Also an elelphant can't jump...the only land animal which can't.
All this is purportedly due to it's minimal strength to weight ratio. Not the
strength of it's muscels...which is awesome. But the strength of it's
"building materials"...calcium bones...etc. ...which are approaching "design"

If this is true. Then it appears to me that the dinosaur hypothosis has a

Also the MegaFauna.

Does anyone have any ideas on this subject?