Re: Fuzzy Logic (Was Tarsky)

Leonardo Gonzalez (
Mon, 25 May 1998 15:09:24 -0700

Multivalent ("Fuzzy") logic does not conflict with absolute truth. It
merely breaks it down into cheweable bites instead of forcing you to
swallow a whole apple or none at all.

Multivalent logic excels at identity problems. If you take a bite out of
an apple, is it still an apple? Bivalent logic is limited to a yes/no
answer. Multivalent logic can more accurately state that it is an apple to
a certain degree.

Multivalent logic untangles us from self-reference paradox. What about a
barber who shaves everyone iff they don't shave themselves? Bivalent logic
cannot tell us whether or not the barber shaves himself. Multivalent logic
can resolve the conflict by having the barber shave himself to a certain
degree. Fuzzy sets allow for partial containment.

Multivalent logic is the superior tool for complex control logistics. In
systems where many elements come into play, multivalent logic allows for
better weight distribution. Fuzzy controllers are found in everything from
traffic lights, portable sound systems, washing machines, and air
conditioners. The proposed improvement of the IP protocol takes a fuzzy
approach by assigning packets priotity values.

Believe it or not, there ARE times when one is neither completely right,
nor completely wrong.

best do it so,