TWA 800 & Wire Problems

Ian Goddard (
Mon, 25 May 1998 14:40:47 -0400

At 12:36 AM 5/23/98 -0700, Hara Ra wrote:

>After all the ballyhoo regarding TWA Flight 800, especially
>by Ian Goddard, I note with some irony that the FAA has been
>inspecting jets with similar construction (ie, power and signal
>cables in the center fuel tank) and GUESS WHAT! A number of
>inspected planes have faulty wiring, some with arc burns which
>holed the conduit in the fuel tank, many with chafed wiring
>exposing the conductor, etc.

IAN: Those wire problems have been found only in
737s and NOT 747s, as reports have indicated [*]:

"The FAA said on May 14 it was giving airlines
45 days to examine 737s. . . The FAA said it
took the action after analyzing the results
of 195 inspections so far which found at least
nine bare wires where the insulation had com-
pletely worn away. The 737 is the world's most
numerous airliner with more than 2,772 worldwide."

I just got word from a 747 mechanic that the pro-
blem has only been found in 737s because 747 wires
are "sheathed in teflon and they have not found the
chafed condition." TWA 800 was a 747, not a 737.

Furthermore, consider that if the wires in 737s
have been arching, causing the burning indicated,
which could cause fuel to leak and be exposed to
to the conductor, then why are not 737s exploding
left and right??! Because the Jet A-1 fuel is so
safe it does not explode, as stated previously.

[*] REUTERS: Boeing recommends 747 fuel tank inspections. (5/25/98):

Some media source, such as CNN, have failed to
mention that the problem has only been found in
737s, and careful frame the story as if it were
evidence of the cause of the TWA-800 747 crash:

>We may dislike the system, but sometimes it works, you know.

IAN: It's dangerous not to second guess "the system."
Unskeptical acceptance of authorities leads to tyranny.


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