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The following are quotes from Admiral Thomas H. Moorer:

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, USN, Ret.

July 17, 1998, will mark the second anniversary of the
mysterious crash of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long
Island, killing 230 men, women and children. ...

The FBI and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
... theory is that the crash was initiated by an explosion
of fuel in the plane's center tank, but the evidence they
cite to support this is so weak that many people have
been unwilling to accept it.

As a former Navy aviator and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff, I am puzzled and disturbed by the inconclusive
results of this investigation. Blaming the crash on an
explosion in the fuel tank does not ring true for several
reasons. First of all, modern aviation fuel is designed
for safety. It does not readily burn, much less explode.
There is no precedent for a mid-air fuel tank explosion
in a modern jet airliner using Jet A-1 fuel without the
involvement of a high explosive device.

The NTSB searched long and hard for evidence that some-
thing in the center wing tank of TWA Flight 800 had created
a spark that set off a powerful explosion in the nearly
empty tank. They could find nothing that would have
generated such a spark.

And unless the fuel was heated to at least 127 degrees
Fahrenheit at sea level, you couldn't burn it with a match.
That is why these modern jets using modern fuel have flown
billions of miles with never an accident of this type un-
less a high explosive was involved.

There is no doubt that there was an explosion in the center
wing fuel tank of TWA Flight 800, but the evidence indicates
that it was the result of the explosion of a powerful missile
outside the tank.

... there is a great deal of important evidence bearing
on the crash that apparently has not been given the atten-
tion that it deserves by either the official investigators
or the news media. The most obvious and inexplicable example
is the evidence provided by 183 eyewitnesses interviewed by
the FBI who saw a streak of light heading toward the plane
immediately before the explosion. According to an FBI report,
96 of these eyewitnesses said they saw the streak of light
rising from the surface.

The disregard of the evidence provided by all these
eyewitnesses raises a number of questions.

Why did the FBI insist that the NTSB not allow any eye-
witnesses to testify at its public hearing on the causes
of the crash?

Why did the Justice Department, through an assistant
U.S. attorney in New York City, order the investigative
team assembled by the NTSB not to undertake any eye-
witness interviews, but to leave that to the FBI?

Why did the FBI refuse to let the NTSB investigators
participate in its interviews of eyewitnesses?

Why has the FBI refused to release its eyewitness inter-
view reports to the press and public?

Why has the government tried to discredit eyewitness
testimony with the claim that all those people who said
they saw a rocket-like object rising from the surface and
exploding 14,000 feet up had really seen burning fuel
spilling from the fuel tanks in the plane's wings.

The intelligent, sober people who saw a streak of light
ascending shake their heads in disbelief when told that
the government is saying that they really saw burning
fuel falling.

There are many more questions I would like to see answered.
The investigators conducted tests to determine what impact
a missile would have on the plane, what kind of "fingerprints"
it would leave on the wreckage. But their testing raises
these questions:

Why did they limit their testing of the impact of a
missile to small shoulder-fired missiles such as the

Don't they know that these small missiles would not
have been effective against a 747 flying at nearly
14,000 feet?

Why didn't they look for the clues that would be left
by the explosion of a large sophisticated missile
detonating in close proximity to the target?

Why did they ignore the compelling evidence that in-
dicates that this is just what happened?

The public is entitled to an answer to those questions, but
the mainstream media are not asking the questions. They have
been content to accept the official explanation of the crash,
disregarding all the evidence that casts doubt upon it.

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