TWA Flight 800, reflections on

Hara Ra (
Sat, 23 May 1998 00:36:52 -0700

After all the ballyhoo regarding TWA Flight 800, especially
by Ian Goddard, I note with some irony that the FAA has been
inspecting jets with similar construction (ie, power and signal
cables in the center fuel tank) and GUESS WHAT! A number of
inspected planes have faulty wiring, some with arc burns which
holed the conduit in the fuel tank, many with chafed wiring
exposing the conductor, etc.

Repair of these planes of course increases flight saftey.
Regardless of whether there was some other cause for the Flight
800 tragedy, the due process of the FAA has revealed and is
correcting a real problem.

We may dislike the system, but sometimes it works, you know.

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