Re: Utilitarian Contradiction ?

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 23 May 1998 22:22:15 -0400

Daniel Fabulich <> wrote:

>> IAN: I agree that libertarianism results in
>> the greatest good, but I detect a contradiction
>> in saying that utilitarianism is antithetical
>> to "me first" AND implies libertarianism.
>They are not contrary at all, if you agree with me that libertarianism is
>more conducive to net utility than any other political scheme (except
>possibly anarcho-capitalism, but I believe anarcho-capitalism will arrive
>at a libertarian system of laws).

IAN: If we say there is "no possible way to construe
utilitarianism as a 'me first' principle," we say
the sets of "me first" (M) and utilitarianism (U)
are disjoint, such that the intersection (^) of
M and U is the null set(/), ergo: M ^ U = (/).

If a libertarian society (L) is a society defined
by the free market where individuals act according
to their own measure of what is in their best in-
terest, there is an intersection of L and M.

Therefore, if L = U (as we agree), then there
IS an intersection of U and M, such that the
cited claim that M ^ U = (/) would be untrue.

I think that M and L intersect, but not by 100%,
which is to say, as you've articulated, that not
all things that can be defined as "me first" can
be defined as libertarian. I think that L is either
equal to U or all of L is in U, such that no L is
external to U (which I think we agree). I believe
that L may be defined: "me-first + nonaggression."

No question this may be open to improvement, and
does not constitute any deeply imbedded analysis.

>Take this thought experiment: You have the opportunity to steal something
>you want; you know that you will not be caught. Your utility will
>increase if you steal it, while the owner's utility will decrease more
>than yours increases. An egoist, acting to maximize agent utility, will
>steal; a utilitarian, acting to maximize net utility, will not steal.

IAN: Or a libertarian adhering to the
nonaggression principle. I think that
"utilibertarianism" is egoism under
the principle of nonaggression.


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