Is It True That Tarski Sky is Blue?

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 23 May 1998 03:53:04 -0400

Christian Whitaker (

>I suppose one could solve the vagueness of blue by assigning it a strict
>definition. Blue is light with a wavelength of 550 nm. Given such a
>definition, the truth value of the statement 'le ciel est bleu' must be
>no, as the value will be something other than precisely 550 nm, and will
>fluctuate across the horizon and from second to second as light is
>marginally refracted by water vapor and other chemicals inthe

IAN: The point is that a given
statement X is true to the degree
it accurately maps reality. "Blue"
may be said to be a broad range
of colors that are "bluish."

The truth is primarily physical
things, secondarily the degree of
accuracy that words relate to things.
Indeed, fuzzy logic helps to define such.

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