Re: Contacting God

Hara Ra (
Fri, 22 May 1998 00:22:26 -0700

>>>Scott Badger:
>First of all, the plans for the vehicle were imbedded in the signal we
>received from the extraterrestrials, not pi.

It's been a decade since reading Contact, and I didn't recall anything
about Pi. I thought the info was in the ET message.

> The message from god was
>imbedded in pi.

Well, most gods have lots to say, but little real information in their
messages - seems appropriate.

>I'm rusty on this stuff, but what would an algorithm for
>running pi out to billions of places have to do with the numbers themselves
Some theories of complexity define the amount of information in a string to
be defined as the length of the shortest possible algorithm which can generate
that string. By this definition, the string which represents Pi (which is
can be generated by a Pi computation algorithm, which is on the order of a few
thousand bytes. So, Pi has little information and little complexity.

>Secondly, my apologies for bringing up ancient history (re nanoguitar). I
>saw it in a magazine for the first time that same day. I did notice your
>very next post, however, had something to do with a one-horned goat from
>decade ago. Talk about ancient history.

touche - but el nanoguitar had also appeared on this list about a year ago,
not the goat, though.

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