I want to be your Psychic Dog!

Harvey Newstrom (harv@gate.net)
Fri, 22 May 1998 08:59:17 -0400

It's easy to be a psychic. All you have to do is get set up to take
credit card numbers over the phone. As a credit-accepting merchant, you
can arrange access to look up customer's credit records online as they
call. By looking at the caller's credit records, the psychic has
instant information about you, including:

Your current address, and a history of your addresses: "I sense that
you just moved from the desert southwest to a place near an ocean, maybe
6-8 months ago... I sense that you move every 2-3 years."

Your current salary, and a history of your salaries: "I sense that you
just got a raise... I sense that you frequently get raises..."

Credit problems and late bills: "I feel that you started having money
problems recently. I sense that you had plenty of money, and your
problems didn't start until this year..."

Creditors and new accounts: "I see that you just bought a new sports
car... I also see a hospital stay last year... Did you have a death or
some kind of funeral arrangements two years ago?... I sense you working
with realtors, and maybe moving into a new house very soon!... I see
you starting to work out at the Gym, and starting to take sky-diving

Types of creditors or purchases: "I see you working with lots of
computer equipment... You just bought a lot of new equipment... I
sense $10,000's worth just last month!..."

900-numbers: "I feel you are a lonely person... I see you calling
900-sex lines seeking companionship... This started three or four
months ago..."

Long distance credit card calls: "I see you traveling out of the
country a lot... I sense you were in asia this past year.... You were
in Paris just recently..."

You get the idea. I want to be your Psychic Dog! Send me your credit
card numbers now. My spirit-guide tells me you want to! The first 10
minutes is FREE FREE FREE while I look up your credit history! The
extremely gullible can qualify for extra charges!

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