Re: Sentience

Hara Ra (
Wed, 20 May 1998 00:05:37 -0700

> may be that i don't exist..i'm just a dream somebody else is
>having...or a figment of my own imagination (heheh)..or.....
> can't see that it matters one whit... like Descartes and John Clark both
> i am... good enough for me...
>the only alternative seems to be to decide that i'm just a figment of a vapor
>of a wisp of a nothing... i'd rather be me...
>just a thought... Cori
So yeah, the old chinaman dreaming of a butterfly or was it the butterfly
dreaming a chinaman? Or maybe the butterfly wing tip vortices amplifiy
and create the key steps for Extropianism to be born. Well it all flutters
by me now.... bits of wing flake dust in my eyes....

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