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>--- I do belive there are psychics in the world but not of the
>nature of he ones on the phone lines. I myself have dreamed
>thing that did come true most often in the same context of my
>dream. But the thing I am most skeptical about in the predicting
>on a whim. Maybe if you where sitting at a government computer
>you could be seen as predicting, but it is not something that
>humans can accomplish.

IAN: I also had one vivid dream sequence from which
I awoke. Several weeks later the entire event unfolded,
down to the most minute details, involving things in
a room I'd never been before and the people in it and
the things they were doing. It was a doctors office.
Precancerous growths were found and removed from
me, so the event had a significance. So many
details were exact that I have to believe
that I had some kind of "fore vision."

At the time of the dream I had no idea that I would
be at that doctor's office or that I had any health
problem, so it could not have been anticipation.

I've also had deja vu that's too uncanny to dismiss.
It could be that we're "time blind," we cannot see down
the forth dimension for some reason. If we could we'd
it would probably destroy the illusion of being a free
agent. The mind obviously evolved to compensate for being
time blind by having to think logically in order to be
able to predict what will happen. It's impossible to con-
ceive of existing physically in any way other than being
time-blind. But it may be that somehow at rare moments
the mind catches a glimpse of the future. But I agree
with you that probably nobody can control such vision.

The fact that experiments in quantum physics have shown
the backward-time-travel of particle waves, and the fact
that our brains are "tuned into the field," as it were,
may lay the physics ground work to explain psychic stuff:

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