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>> At 01:53 PM 5/19/98 CST, The SHO master c.c. wrote:
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>> >Can we really put a definite definition to the word truth?
>> IAN: Physical reality. Concepts, ideas, and
>> claims that are true are those that map onto
>> the physical reality as a one-one function.
>> Beyond the physical reality, a true claim
>> is one that follows logically from a given
>> set of axioms and such claims are true only
>> to the extent they adhere to those axioms
>> and may not be true outside those axioms.

>I mentioned nothing that gravity was the truth, some claim that they
>can overcome gravity by blocking that truth from their mind. then in
>fact if they can, gravity may also be a bias truth. But wait we are
>told that all things that have mass have gravity, we think this to be
>true, but no one can actually prove it. Why because much as time
>gravity is a human defined reality, it is something we believe to
>be present but cannot be absolutely sure that is exists.

IAN: The truth lies in the consistent relation
of things that relate in a consistent fashion.
But even if things did not behave predictably
in accord with a set of definable laws, that
I am, that I exist, is the primary truth.

>I certainly believe in gravity, but with minimal doubt. If someone
>tells me there is a God in the sky, how do I know he is in the sky?
>Why couldn't he be all around us?

IAN: The universe is God, and it's all around us.

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