Re: Home education and extropians

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Thu, 21 May 1998 06:46:37 -0400 (EDT)

At 06:14 PM 5/20/98 EDT, CALYK <> wrote:
><< << I'd be interested to hear (off-list if you prefer) if anyone else on
> list are home educating their children or know of anyone who is >>
> our daughter is only 2 1/2 so it isn't yet a big issue...but i'd like too.
> wife is concerned about the lack of social developement supposedly associated
> with home schooling... any thoughts or data on that, Grant?.. Cori
> >>
>In addition to grant's post, you could also maybe put them in a summer camp or
>some funner kind of social group. Those seem fun, just not the religious
>summer camps. I think there are benefits from a good pre-school though, but
>into higher elementary and beyond home school seems a lot better. I have good
>memories from Montessori school, but who knows what schools will be like in
>the near future, my old highschool just set up a graphic arts computer lab
>with a lot of high-end programs, it also has a video lab and a photography
>lab. Chemistry labs and that kind of thing are ok too, so perhaps access to
>things is what we're looking for.

What we should really look for is whether homeschooled kids are better
in social interaction than non-homeschooled kids. The socialization
issue always comes up with homeschooling, yet I've seen no evidence --
just anecdotes -- about whether kids are better or worse off with home-

My gut feeling is that they are better or no different in this area, but I'd
to see some studies done.


Daniel Ust