Re: Home education and extropians

Wed, 20 May 1998 18:14:18 EDT

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<< << I'd be interested to hear (off-list if you prefer) if anyone else on
list are home educating their children or know of anyone who is >>
our daughter is only 2 1/2 so it isn't yet a big issue...but i'd like too.
wife is concerned about the lack of social developement supposedly associated
with home schooling... any thoughts or data on that, Grant?.. Cori

In addition to grant's post, you could also maybe put them in a summer camp or
some funner kind of social group. Those seem fun, just not the religious
summer camps. I think there are benefits from a good pre-school though, but
into higher elementary and beyond home school seems a lot better. I have good
memories from Montessori school, but who knows what schools will be like in
the near future, my old highschool just set up a graphic arts computer lab
with a lot of high-end programs, it also has a video lab and a photography
lab. Chemistry labs and that kind of thing are ok too, so perhaps access to
things is what we're looking for.