Re: Context vs Crackpotism

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Mon, 18 May 1998 22:10:33 -0700

Ian, are you SURE your date clock isn't stuck on April 1?

You response definitely supports my post, unintended as
it was to the list.

Whether atoms exist or not exist, the atomist theory is
incredibly good at predicting what the world will do in
many, many contexts.

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>>Darn.... That was a PRIVATE message, not to the Exi List!
> IAN: Unlike this one. I think that the atomist
> paradigm is properly defined as the crackpot
> paradigm. How so? If we think of the universe
> as a pot, atomism is the process of breaking
> that pot, cracking it into ten zillion sepe-
> rate fragments. Holism is the healing of
> the cracked pot of atomist fallacy.
> A = A is A cracked away from the whole.
> A = A + (-A) is A rejoined to the whole,
> as A exists in reality. When we take
> atomism for real, we slip into
> an "atomistic psychosis."
> Atomism is useful, and defines how we meta-
> phorically subtract a thing from the whole
> and thereby draw attention to it and away
> from other things. If I say, "Pass the
> salt shaker," but define "salt shaker"
> as salt shaker + not-salt-shaker,
> your going to have some trouble
> passing it, or, I already have it.
> Yet at all times the salt shaker exits,
> it is what it is by relation to not-it.
> What is so amazing about the human mind
> is how it becomes conditioned to believe
> that it's own programing is THE truth,
> that A actually is A free from not-A.
> The mind confuses a useful fallacy
> with reality, and that's psychosis.
> That's why during mystical experiences,
> or temporal-lobe epilepsy, the mind's
> program suddenly crashes, it stops, and
> yet the "I am" is still there and like
> a flood of light and realization I see
> that all things are unified, that the
> mind created this illusion of sepera-
> tion, of isolated and free identities,
> when in fact up is down, in is out,
> where A is A only by relation to -A,
> and A is all that which defines it.
> A thing exists on in context and no
> thing exists free from context, not
> even the cracked pot of atomism.
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>Statements T r u t h A defines -A
> a -A defines A
> A: x is A b A -A
> l T F A set is defined
>-A: x is -A e F T by its members, thus
> ? ? A & -A contain each other.
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