Re: Rupert Sheldrake completely loses it

Mike Lorrey (
Tue, 19 May 1998 16:01:36 -0800

Ian Goddard wrote:
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> They involve setting up video cameras in the homes of pet owners to
> record animals' activities while their owners are away. Then they ask
> owners to return home at unpredictable times -- by taxi and not their
> own car. Reviewing this evidence, he claims that while some dogs are
> stripped of their psychic powers -- most are not.
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> IAN: Seems he's already concluded they're psychic.
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> "The most extraordinary examples," he explained, "have been dogs who
> begin to get excited when their owners are about to get on an airplane
> to fly home from thousands of miles away."

I wouldbeleive it if an owner was thousands of miles away and threw
something, and the dog automatically started to fetch at that very
moment, every time. No, I know that a study I did read about showed
that most of this dog 'psychic' behavior was them hearing the sound of
their owners vehicles at a far greater distance than previously thought
capable. A similar study with african elephants, which seemed to
mysteriously communicate at far greater distances than their ears were
capable of hearing ultimately found that elephants have a heretofore
unknown range of communication in the extreme low frequency range of
sound, which they sense through their feet. ELF sound travels around
obstacles far easier than sound in normal hearing ranges. This hearing
range, known as the infrasonic range, is also the reason why elephants
can find areas where water is flowing near the surface of the ground,
and can sense thunderstorms at very far ranges.