Re: Home education and extropians

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Tue, 19 May 1998 00:43:15 -0700

From: "Grant Sparks" <>

> I'd be interested to hear (off-list if you prefer) if anyone else on this
> list are home educating their children or know of anyone who is. Seems to
> me that this choice might be popular among this sort of crowd.
> I have 5 children and a nice sub-tropical lifestyle. High-tech and
> tele-commuting, we've dumped public education and believe that we can do it
> better. Others ?

We homeschooled both of our kids. The eldest took a GED pre-screening and
will have to spend a couple months on her math before taking the test.

The youngest, we used a correspondence course (from ICS) for high school. A
program equivalent to 4 years of high school, she finished over the course of
about 1.4 standard academic years (studying only half days), completing it
about 3 months after her 15th birthday.

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