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Mon, 18 May 1998 21:22:55 -0700

IMO, consistent time like loops are possible, but very, VERY VERY
rare, less likely than all the molecules in this room moving into
the next one. I personally doubt the notion of time beyond providing
a framework for micro events. I suspect that the "arrow of time" is
intimately connected to the process of creating and preserving

I've posted on this about a year ago, here's a summary. Imagine
the Universe as the set of all possible states for its contents.
Display this ensemble of states as a swarm of dots. (LOTSA DOTS!
I don't know how to calculate the magnitude of this number, but
I do recall Penrose stating numbers like ((10^100)^100). Represent
the rules of physics as links between the nodes. (Yup! The mother
of all Feynmann diagrams!)(Well not really, since STATES, not
particles are represented here)

Then, at each point there are a gazillion links to other points, but
each point's connections represent much less than a bazillion'th part
of the set of all points.

In this web, though most transitions are consistent with entropic
time, there are a FEW paths which create loops. By definition these
loops are consistent. But, oh, so rare!

Oh yeah - some of these transitions will look just like a functioning
worm hole...

-- Hara Ra

>There is a classic sci-fi story in which (to simplify slightly) the
>man who will be known as the inventor of the time machine didn't invent
>it, he was given it by a future version of himself. This would seemingly
>be consistent and has no contradictions, but it is paradoxical that
>a complex device like this would have no inventor.
>You also have to ask how the non-contradiction principle would prevent
>the actions of people who want to produce events in the past which are
>inconsistent with history. Seemingly the universe must interpose some
>obstacles which will inevitably thwart their efforts. The universe
>is forced in effect to act as a smart opponent, always coming up with
>something which defeats the clever tricks people try to use.
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