Re: ExI = Truth First ?
Mon, 18 May 1998 17:03:26 +0000

> In the Extropian society, is the core principle:
> "We acknowledge only those truths that are useful."

> Such seems to be the consensus, stated in so many
> words, of some of the members of this list. If so,
> then truth is a subset of the set of "utility" (U),
> and as such, x is a member of U if and only if x
> is useful. So the Extropian principle would be:
> "We acknowledge only those things that are useful."
> The Nazi Party found the extermination of all who
> disagreed with their agenda very useful and adhered
> faithfully to the utility-first principle that many
> on the ExI list adhere to. Does ExI = Nazism? I say
> no! I believe it is not the right ExI principle. I
> believe that to the extent we are directed to that
> principle we are infected with totalitarian memes.
> I have advocated utilitarianism, but
> I think there may be a higher principle.
> With a scientific definition of truth (like perhaps,
> X = truth if f:X->Y = f(a)=f(a'), which is to say, X
> is the truth if the mapping of X on to the physical
> world Y is a one-one function, i.e., that X is the
> truth if X accurately models the physical reality
> without contradiction) then what's wrong with an
> Extropian "truth first" principle? Maybe some-
> thing is wrong with it, I'm not God, but
> should this not be defined logically?
> But then that would be truthful... no?
> What is the logical case against truth?
> In sum, I believe truth can lead to Extropia!
> What's wrong with a truth-first principle?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole point of Extropia and of
Transhumanism (or rather, Post-humanism) the transformation of man
biologicallly, physically, MENTALLY and POLITICALLY into something
more advanced and liberated, less restrained by arbitrary limits?
If that is so, then the concepts of political truth and absolute
justice shift before our eyes into something not yet properly
defined (which is what EXI is here for, I guess).
Judging the Nazis by modern (as opposed not to primitive but to
postmodern) standards is not only out of line and irrelevant in this
context, but also - USELESS.