Re: Improving Concentration

Paul Hughes (
Mon, 18 May 1998 03:13:04 -0700

Anders Sandberg Wrote:

> >I'm starting to think that windowing and multitasking is bad for my
> >concentration, they promote having dozens of tasks in the air at once
> >and hence disrupt my concentration.

I have to diverge here. I find that their are times when my awareness is so
acute that I concentrate very effectively on close to a dozen activities
simultaneously. There is a kind of 'high' I feel as a new level of coherence
emerges. Even more remarkably, are the entirely novel and sometimes
pleasurable gestalts of thought in which I gain new insights into previously
intractable problems. It almost feels as if I'm tapping into some new part
of my brain or making clusters of new neural connections.

I do agree that there are other times where increased multitasking decreases
my concentration proportionately. I think this type of
coherence/fragmentation is relevant to the identity vs rapid change thread.

Paul Hughes