Re: Improving Concentration

Hara Ra (
Mon, 18 May 1998 00:03:01 -0700

I agree completely. I rarely have more than two Windows processes
open at once, usually Eudora and Explorer. I feel my overhead at
"mental task switching" is too costly for the appearance of
convenience. Also, with a fast machine (I finally have a nice
300 Mhz PC) the time to restart apps from scratch isn't too bad

>I'm starting to think that windowing and multitasking is bad for my
>concentration, they promote having dozens of tasks in the air at once
>and hence disrupt my concentration.
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Note: I was off the Net for 6 weeks, accumulated 3800 messages. Currently
still have about 1000 to go. I am catching up, but will be a week or so
before I become current. (So just how asynch is email anyhow?)

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