Re: Invention and the Property of Intellectuals.

Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko (
Mon, 18 May 1998 00:20:44 -0400

At 21:38 05/17/98 , Randall R Randall wrote:
>>actually wouldnt you agree that the ancient greeks and even egyptians
>>had a fairly high level of invention
>For their time, certainly. I would say that they
>probably didn't invent as much over all the
>centuries that their society existed, as even
>the last century has produced in our society.

How do you compare?
This mailing list has probably generated more text than all Egyptians combined,
and the complexity, level of abstraction, and the degree of understanding of the
world reflected in these messages, exceeds the wildest dreams of all ancients
combined. So does weekly extropian list archive compare to the first
million years of human evolution, judged by total complexity of generated ideas,
or do we measure new key concepts [?] on a logarithmic scale, or?...

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