List quotes...

christopher whipple (
Sat, 16 May 1998 13:51:33 -0400


I try to remain fairly quiet on this list, reading and learning are
more important to me than trying to express my own paradigm(s).
However, recently I've had to limit my time with this list, and the
other three that I'm on (Church of the Virus, Advanced Freedom
Solutions, FringeWare News) because of final projects for my Freshman
year of college.

Upon returning home, I noticed that I'd amassed approximately 2000
unread emails from these four lists. I'm now in the process of sorting
through them all, pulling meaningful quotes along the way.

I will notify this list again when I have finished, and will then
proceed in HTMLing these quotes - posting the URL.

The interesting thing is that I've decided not to credit these quotes to
anyone, and sorting through them will (most likely) be great fun for

Take care,