Re: Phoney Unicorns

Yak Wax (
Fri, 15 May 1998 12:28:26 -0700 (PDT)

Ian Goddard wrote:
> IAN: Another sore looser having a temper
> tantrum, how pathetic!

ROTFL. Sorry, my tone of voice obviously doesn't translate to ASCII
too well.

> As soon as people run out of argument
> all that's left is mud slinging and
> cursing, whatever it takes to stop
> inquiry. What else should we expect
> from a Yak that Yakked miserably against
> truth as the goal of inquiry? Heck, a
> Big Lie will do just fine!
> You may oppose truth and inquiry, but
> I do not, and thus will not shut up.

Ian, I wasn't referring to your theory but to your obsessive need to
relate it to everything you say. Almost every post you make manages
to turn the subject into some off-hand remark about "A equals not -A."
And how those people with their "goofy" ideas label you a "crackpot."
Maybe your ideas haven't been given a fair chance but do you really
have to resort to forcing them on us? Do you really think the sort of
pompous grandstanding you so frequently display will make people take
you seriously?

You may have noticed that when I "Yaked miserably against truth as the
goal of inquiry" I did not repeatedly bring the subject up in separate
posts. Not once did I say, "well thinking that automation will lead
to unemployment is almost as bad as those people who think truth is
the ultimate goal of science." To be honest I find your form of
"debate" offensive, much more offensive than the colourful use of
language that I so elegantly displayed.

I'm not at all opposed to truth and inquiry. You turned that
particular post (on the dangers of presenting scientific truth as
absolute) into another of your "identity theory" crusades. Many of
the posts I make to this list are simply ideas, most of the time
they're wrong. Sometimes I'll post a great idea and someone will
dismiss it without thought, but why become so obsessed with proving
them wrong? Focus your attention on your theory, not it's opposition.


P.S. Please don't take this as an attack on your person, just some
constructive criticism (I hope). And, if it sounds deadly serious
(i.e. temper tantrum) please forgive me.
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