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Fri, 15 May 1998 02:28:50 -0400

Max More ( wrote:

>'Buzzed' gives straight answers on drugs
>DURHAM, N.C. (May 12, 1998 01:26 a.m. EDT - Don't
>let those Hershey's cravings carry you away -- chocolate stimulates the
>same receptors in the brain as marijuana.

IAN: Check it out, the ACLU (
News is all about the legalization of cannabis:

Also be sure to check out Goddard's Anti-Author-
itarian Journal hemp and anti-drug-war suite:

The ACLU Spotlight (Spring 98) is also all about
the herb and non-violence toward those using it.
The article states that in an ACLU poll, 79% of
the public supported legal medical cannabis. I've
seen many other polls on that topic and all are
around 75% for. Many polls on the legalization
of drugs per se score as high as 40%. Now think
about it, are 75% of the drug-related programs
on TV pro-legal medical hemp? Are 40% pro-legal-
ization of drugs? I'd say around 1% max. Virtu-
ally all pump out the Govt hysteria as if they
were milled out directly from the FBI and DEA.

The facts dictate that the major media does not
cater to the market. Any business that sought to
fill consumer demand would respond to a 40-75%
public vote of "yes" with a product designed to
accommodate such public sentiment. It's only too
clear that the major media, as if it were one
single entity, caters to a very small clientele
centralized in a few dozen buildings in downtown
Washington DC. The major media, or more properly
defined as the GovtMedia, is in fact nothing more
than a office of the Federal government. GovtMedia
"journalism" is nothing more then the verbatim re-
petition of the latest Federal Govt press release.

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