Re: CRAN database/software sought

Sprokkit Amhal (
Thu, 14 May 1998 19:36:04 PDT (Dan Clemmensen) wrote:
> As another web-search excersize, I asked Altavista for "nutrition
>and eventually found:
>Which is a few click down from
>Is that what you want, or are you looking for software for your PC?
>I think they have some freeware at this site, too.

What i really want is these three commands:

i_ate FOOD [TIME]

This tells the system that i ate FOOD at TIME. The information is
entered into a diet tracker and stored on disk.

nutrient_status [PERIOD]

Consults the diet tracker and tells me what percentage of the
recommended nutrient intake i've had in the past PERIOD.

what_should_i_eat [PERIOD]

Consults the diet tracker and suggests some foods that i could eat to
bring my nutrient intake up to 100% of the recommended, when averaged
over the past PERIOD.

The idea is that i try to keep track of what i eat and enter the data
into the diet log whenever convenient, using i_ate. At will i can query
the system, using nutrient_status, to see how my diet matches some
preset target (such as that suggested by the CR/AN diet). If i'm not
meeting my target i can use what_should_i_eat to suggest a food or foods
to bring me up to the target.

The difficult part would be correctly entering your foods eaten into
the diet tracker. When cooking at home it's relatively easy, but when
you eat food that others have prepared it's often difficult to assess
the ingredients and their nutrient content.

Other than that it's a simple database application.

(Preemptive flame retardant: I understand that the diet plan of the
Caloric Restriction method is intended to be used in conjunction with an
exercise program, and that the system described above does nothing to
help you with the exercise regimen.)

Bodies are machines. Food is fuel and spare parts. This is an
attempt at rational food management.


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