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Thu, 14 May 1998 17:52:50 -0500

At 09:12 PM 5/12/98 -0700, Kathryn wrote:

>As a writer, I don't think that imagination has much relation to a 'relaxed'
>I find a much stronger correlation with mental restlessness and the need to
>explore. I was a 'later born' but from birth had a personality
>characterized by a high level of energy and an adventurous nature, and I
>think of that as the source of my creativity rather than parenting or birth
>order. I could write for the next fifty years and not keep up with all of
>the ideas I get every day, because I quickly become bored with stasis and
>repetition and want to try new things. I put on my mental hiking boots and
>strike off on some faint path, just for the pleasure of following where it
>leads. Rationality plays a part in it, too. The scientific studies and
>other information I read provide the 'trail mix' that fuels my quest toward
>some distant destination. Sometimes the path leads nowhere, but along the
>way I might get to see some neon squirrels and maybe a flying cow or two.


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