Re: Phoney Unicorns

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 14 May 1998 19:22:08 -0400

At 11:11 AM 5/14/98 -0700, Yak Wax wrote:

>> IAN: That's almost as goofy as people who claim
>> that A is A free from not-A; of course, in the
>> fused-horn-goat case, there was at least a
>> single example of their case (fake as it
>> may have been), yet the atomists have
>> neither a real nor a fake unicorn.
>> No, my mistake, the atomists have come up
>> with several fake cases, like Anton's cat
>> that was a cat free from the black void
>> around it defining it as a cat, bOiNg!
>> Wow, now that was one phoney unicorn!
>Ian, shut the fuck up.

IAN: Another sore looser having a temper
tantrum, how pathetic! As soon as people
run out of argument all that's left is
mud slinging and cursing, whatever it
takes to stop inquiry. What else
should we expect from a Yak that
Yakked miserably against truth
as the goal of inquiry? Heck,
a Big Lie will do just fine!

You may oppose truth and inquiry, but
I do not, and thus will not shut up.
Now go defecate in the toilet, not
on this list, thank you very much.

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