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Tue, 12 May 98 23:31 BST-1

> At 02:19 AM 5/11/98 BST-1, the wild-eyed Tony Hollick wrote:

>:-} Actually, I wrote with my usual glacially cool focused look...

>> it's really quite easy to find
>> out whether you have psi powers -- the Silva Mind Control courses offer
>> a money-back guarantee that they will train you to elicit these powers
>> in fully demonstrable form to your own satisfaction.

> Stone the crows! Strike me pink, Mabel! Gawd preserve me from my
> `friends'! And similar horrified sentiments meant to distance my earlier
> posts about parapsychology from this kind of inanity.

That's a silly response. The Silva people say you can get 95% of
the Course's value from the paperback book by Jose Silva, 'The
Silva Mind Control Method', which describes all the coursework and
the sought-for outcomes in great detail. If you consider my
paragraph coolly, I'm just saying that you can find out for yourself
_if_ you have psi powers. The fact that the Silva people say you
_do_ is not my point. If you do the course and get nothing from it,
you get a refund (OK, you're out sixty hours or so).

I did most of the Silva coursework without knowing it, in 1979, as
part of the first week-end of Werner Erhard's 'est' training (which
I'm much more critical of). 'est' is a sort of smorgasbord of all
the Californian Human Potential techniques, with all the labels
removed. 'est' is the Human Potential equivalent to bad acid, and
can do your head in, IMHO. Read William Warren Bartley's book on
'est' for a more positive 'take.'

Here are the possibilities re: Silva Mind Control:

You read the book, and get value from that. The book is Extropian,
in that it asserts you have latent quasi-magical _practical_ powers
that are easily liberated. Of course, you may decide you'd rather
not have these powers. HHOK....

You do the course, and get more value from that.

You get no value from any of this, and get a refund.

As I may have mentioned, I'm working on a multi-media program to
give you all these benefits and more at your own speed. I'm not
paid by Silva. I utilize scientific method.

> What next - plugs for $cientology?

>:-} Funny you should say that -- I've known three Scientologists.
One worked on Hubbard's Sea Org flagship and is on this list; he
could be worth a dollar or two; one is a friend who's a software
genius who makes $100 000 a year as an OS/2 wizard;, and the third
is Mary Kay's younger brother, who's also a friend, and is a
successful petrochemical industry engineer who is a Karl Popper buff
like me.

I make my usual offer to Extropians -- I stand behind everything I
say. Read the Silva book, and if you don't think it was well worth
the six bucks, give the book to a friend who might enjoy it and I'll
give you your six bucks back in solid gold.

Nothing wild-eyed about that...

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