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Mon, 11 May 1998 07:36:50 -0500

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>Glad to hear of it, otherwise I'd have to report you for cruelly torturing
>innocent data bits. By the way I once had an idea I admit is more than a
>little loony, maybe psi exists but there is an inverse relationship between
>the faith a person has in it and a persons psi ability. Perhaps that
>its ephemeral nature, a person experiences psi directly and becomes convinced
>that it's real and as a result loses every last shred of psi ability .
>If so then the real psychics are those who think it's all a crock of shit
>a die-hard skeptic such as myself is due to have a profound mystical
>experience worthy of the X files any day now. (:>)
> John K Clark

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Chuck Kuecker