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Mon, 11 May 98 02:19 BST-1

> is inconsistent with QT, relativity, etc.

Psi is certainly not inconsistent with Quantum *Theory* -- which
predated Quantum _Mechanics_ by many years, and which subsumes Quantum
*Mechanics* (in its many guises) as an approximation theory.

As for psi being inconsistent with 'relativity' -- which Relativity?
The Galilean Relativity of Classical Mechanics? Or Special Relativity?
Or maybe General Relativity? Non-locality has destroyed SR and GR.

It is true that any phenomenon or effect which demonstrates Absolute
Simultaneity instantly demolishes Special and General Relativity. This
is not merely a matter of 'signal transmissions' or whatever -- the
moment we find that one event in space and time is simultaneous with
another event in a different location within the same Cartesian
position-space, SR and GR are irretrievably destroyed as theories.
Bell, Aspect etc. have of course done this anyway, so the assertion can
only refer to Galilean Relativity, or so it would seem.

But there is nothing in Classical Mechanics and Galilean Relativity to
prohibit any particular psi characteristic (mode of force transmission,
velocity of signal propagation). All Classical Mechanics will demand is
exact conformance with Conservation of Mass and Energy. Since Mass and
Energy are not interconvertible (except insofar as all matter consists
of the constituents of photons; and all energy is either kinetic or
potential) there is no physical obstale to telekinesis, telepathy etc.
Precognition poses a different problem -- you can argue that
precognition is a form of approximated extrapolated estimate of future
states; or you can argue a causal connection.

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