Re: Hyper-AI's vs Transhumans

Anders Sandberg (
08 May 1998 11:25:32 +0200

Borys Wrobel <> writes:

> >I'd now guess that this is a weaker argument. Now, I would still assign
> >a near-zero probablity to the pure AI and a large probability to an initiator
> >size of one human, but I think a small group (say a workgroup at a lab) is
> >possible, and a larger colloboration {say an internet mailing list :-) }
> >is also possible.
> In all cases Dan Clemmensen mentions it seems crucial to be in the right
> place at the right time. Anders, dear, what are you guys up to in thar that
> lab of yours ;-) ? b

Ssssch! That's a secret! :-)

(Although I must admit that so far my emacs editor has begun to expand
at a surprising rate, including a remembrance agent, a mail sorting
system, links to my neural network simulator...)

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