Anders Sandberg (
08 May 1998 11:12:52 +0200

"The SHO master c.c." <> writes:

> > The other end. Presumably you could look through the wormhole with a
> > telescope, remap the distorted starfield onto a sphere and try to
> > figure out where it is from.
> For arguments sake----You come out on the other side and discover
> that you "seem to be in the same place". Then how wwould you look
> back, you presumibaly belive it brough you in a circle but you are
> not sure. How do you know?

Check the positions of the stars or other nearby referents to see if
they have changed?

But really, the wormhole geometries I know of wouldn't allow both ends
to remain in the same place, they would simply merge and likely turn
into a boring black hole.

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