Re: SPACE EXPANSION(another space question)

J. R. Molloy (
Fri, 8 May 1998 00:17:05 -0700

From: Darin Sunley <>

>I always pictured the universe as a
(insert dimmensionality from 4 to
>23, depending on the cosmological
flavour of the moment) hyper^n sphere
>expanding into a hyper^n+1 dimensional
hyper^n+1 volume, and so on and
>so on and so on, all within a tiny
insignificant hyper^-1 corner of an
>infinite dimensional Hilbert Space.
>Why shun infinite regress? Go for the
gusto! :)

As pictures of the universe go, yours
looks as compelling as the next.
Nietzsche's picture of "eternal
recurrence" precedes your question about
infinite regress by a century. But what
does time matter to a hyper-dimensional
volume, as long as the Net has enough
bandwidth to catch these fallen stars?



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a sleeping saint, you would find the
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