Re: SPACE EXPANSION(another space question)

warren olson (
Thu, 07 May 1998 15:55:30 PDT

did anyone else just KNOW CALYK was going to repond harshly to that one?
hehe, predictable i suppose.

Anyhow, lets say that space isnt expanding, rather it is "stretching"
because of "waves", or probably more like "ripples" of force brought on
by explosions in the universe;stars, supernovae, etc. it would be sort
of like an ocean. there have been current studies to show the the
universe is somewhat in a particular "shape" or "pattern", and if these
explosions happened at a constant rate, which im sure they do, they
would create the illusion that the universe is expanding on one side,
the side closest to the majority of great stellar explosions, and
shrinking on the other side, the side of least stellar explosions.there
would be the constant wave or even spiral like shape of the universe
possibly. there are theories that the universe is expanding, as well as
some that say it is shrinking. the universe could be as constant as the
energy suppply that lies in the universe, cannot be created or
destroyed. that way its allows me to understand more what would be
"outside" the limits of the universe, that is if you want to think of
the universe as an egg out of its shell in the center of a large plate.
or maybe we could go back to the age old idea that we wont just "drop
off" at the edge of the universe, its actually geometrically more like a
globe. im open to "thrashful" comments because opinions like these
deserve some criticism so do give me some feedback.

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