Re: SPACE EXPANSION(another space question)

Thu, 7 May 1998 17:20:02 EDT

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<< > I kind of see it it as infinite space, and energy is part of it, like a
> compressed, expanding point into the infinite surroundings (any number is
> point compared to infinity). Space is quantum, so I dont think it expands
> biger and bigger like energy does. Perhaps there are aspects of space
> to being nearby energy, but I think space is infinite.

Huh? Wow, like cosmic man? :-)

To be honest, the above doesn't make much sense, and the parts that
make sense doesn't seem to fit with known physics.

"known physics"
You dont understand it? It doesnt take physicist to understand. Im saying
there is no limit to space. The universe we see and the energy that is the
universe is a point compared to infinite space. With quantum I'm referring to
the speed in which the limits are recognized, which is instantaneous, a
paradox cause there are no limits, but energy and light travels at the speed
of light, so its expanding. Light is also connected quantumly so perhaps
there is much more beyond what we see as the end of the universe, which we
have not seen. I think we used the hubble to look the farthest it can into a
very dark space and the picture came with tons more galaxies.

Its just a thought, I wish people would play with ideas on here rather than
beat them down.